Chartership Meeting 6th March 2012

On the 6th March 2012, I had my latest meeting with my Chartership mentor Gil. The focus of this meeting was the ‘beginning of the end’ as we start to move in to the home straight of the Chartership process.

The main discussion surrounded my 1st draft of the personal statement. The general consensus was that whilst not great, it was a start and was not expected to be the finished product. Reflection – or at least the act of writing it down is not something that comes naturally to me. Honestly, I struggle with it – or at least perceive that I do. It is quite surprising as I felt quite confident about my reflective practice prior to starting the Chartership process! But it does need work. There is also the question of how I bring in the non-library based NHS knowledge into my work. This area aside, I don’t feel that lack in ‘evidence’ as I develop on a daily basis and as Gil said (paraphrasing) ‘imagine how much you have developed day to day since starting in the role’. We also discussed the upcoming residential and how it may be useful to me, something that fills me with dread!

Moving forward I am going to focus on two areas – the 2nd draft of my statement and start bringing together the physical portfolio at least in a rough form. To ensure that there has been a genuine move forward in my reflective piece, I shall also be practicing my reflective writing. I feel I am still on course for a May completion.


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