Tips for a Cooler House in Warmer Weather

Not stylistically, but temperature wise. Some cheaper housing often is too cold in the winter without central heating, yet too warm in the summer and sans air conditioning. I have lived (& do currently live) in such accommodation. If you do live such ‘luxury’ housing often they are within areas that it is not possible, and very much NOT recommended to leave windows open especially when not in the property. Over the years I have built up some tips on how to keep a cooler house, or more often than not cool a house down. Here are a few:

  1. Move to a better house. Not always possible.
  2. Keep curtains drawn. Keeps direct sunlight out see?
  3. Clean bed sheets.
  4. Cheap air conditioning. Take a desktop fan and place a bowl of ice in front of it. A nice breeze is the end result. Good for cooling down a bedroom prior to sleep. A bonus tip: Do for an hour (at least) prior and keep door shut if possible.
  5. Cool down yourself – place you hands (I’d say up to your wrists) into cold water and leave for a short time. Should lower body temperature (not sure of the science). Don’t need to do it for any real length of time 30 seconds maybe – it’s not an endurance contest. Though if it is I would totally win.

So hope these are of use. Let me know. If you have any other tips I would love to hear them!


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