#Chartership Meeting…err 8? 9? Getting. Shit. Done./The Final Countdown

Today I had another Chartership mentor meeting with my Mentor, Gil. As they have all tended to be they have been positive experiences. After every meeting I have gone away with something in mind, even when the Chartership process wasn’t quite clicking with me. But today, was probably the best yet. Over the past fortnight or so, I had begun to get on a roll with the entire workload and now I can see the light…at the end of the tunnel. I have decided on my evidence. I have managed to get themes/flow through my evaluative statement. I’d actually managed to get something down for the statement. That has been the biggest barrier for me the statement. My mind just kept drawing a blank. But I have begun to use my own versions of ‘learning logs’ to record important events, be they relevant to Chartership or not. These have helped me immensely.

Anyway… The Final Countdown (one of Mrs Cook’s favourite songs btw). I now know what needs to be done between now and hand-in. Hopefully before May 31st:

  • Finish CV
  • Finalise evaluative statement including proof reading by Mrs Cook, @emilylovedhim & @ellyob
  • Update Acronym document
  • Complete evidence matrix (em)
  • Finish PDPP
  • Complete list of URL’s included in document
  • Produce log of Chartership meetings (blog and work calendar are my friends here)
  • #CPD23 evidence finalise & add to em
  • #Libday 7 & 8 evidence finalise & add to em
  • Reclassification Project evidence finalise (PID & Learning Log) & add to em
  • Marketing Strategy ‘best practice’ add to em
  • Find Copyright certificate!
  • Copyright evidence finalise & add to em
  • Annual Report add to em
  • Find eg of social media (specifically Twitter) use
  • Produce ‘Professional Reading’ Page
  • Produce Contents List
  • Formalise Evidence Arrangements
  • Slight amendments to 4 documents discussed today.
  • Print off and sort changes
  • Proof read everything. Twice

It’s not that much really is it? Some of these are nearly done. Some need to be started. The aim is by the end of May. Do-able? I think so.


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