#Chartership evidence – How Do You Arrange Yours?

So I have all my evidence. I have a statement I’m happy with. Or happier than I was this time last week. Next question! In what order or using what specifics do I arrange my evidence in? I am sure; much like 90% of the #chartership process there is no single right way. But… this doesn’t mean there is not a wrong way! Of the portfolio examples I have seen, there have been different uses, but all are divided into sections. So far I have come up with five options, none of which feel wrong, but none jump out as being ‘right’ either:

Option 1 – Using the Chartership Criteria


Section 1 – Reflect on Personal Performance & Evaluate Service Performance

1.A Bolton’s Health Matters Website Development Project

1.A.1 Bolton’s Health Matters MAP

1.B NHS Bolton Library Reclassification Project

1.B.1 Learning Log


Would be very easy to follow. In theory. Linked to core of Chartership


Almost all of evidence does not fit neatly under one heading. In my statement I did not use the headings more grouped together with themes (more or less). How do I decide what piece of evidence belongs there? Will I be happy with my choice? As a Library manager any active commitment to CPD I show will have links back to service development.

Option 2 – Using my overall CPPD (Continued Professional and Personal Development) Plan Headings


Section 1 – Broaden Professional Skill Set and Knowledge

  1. Becoming LIHNN Quality Chair
    1. Learning Log – Quality Chair 1
    2. Learning Log -Quality Chair 2
    3. Meeting Minutes
  2. Copyright Awareness Session
    1. Certificate


Again very straightforward. The evidence is linked to the CPPD Plan directly.


Again my evidence doesn’t neatly fit under these headings. Would I ever be happy with the choices I made? Also there are subheadings within my CPPD Plan – do I need to link it down to the child heading or would parent do?

Option 3 – Single Alphabetical List


  1. ’23 Things’ Participation.
    1. Learning Log
    2. Blog Post
  2. Appraisal Between myself and Line Manager.
    1. NHS Bolton Appraisal PPDP Document


No headings. No decisions. A simple list. Easy to follow.


This seems quite basic. Isn’t linked to any of the core documents. I am an information professional. I manage information – the best I could come up with is a simple list?

Option 4 – Chronological Order


  1. Supporting Chartership Event
    1. Certificate
  2. Appraisal Between myself and Line Manager
    1. NHS Bolton Appraisal PPDP Document


Again very straightforward. Very easy to follow. You could use a bookmark!


Very basic. No structure. Isn’t linked to any of the core documents. Some documents get refered to multiple times. How would that work?

Option 5 – My Own Headings


Section 1 -Experiential Continued Professional Development Activities

1.A Shadowing ‘Ask Bolton’ Public Library Enquiry Service Team

1.A.1 Learning log – Operational Shadowing

1.A.2 Learning log – Strategic Shadowing

1.A.3 Learning log – Being Shadowed

1.A.4 Statement from ‘Shadower’

1.B NHS Bolton Library Reclassification Project

1.B.1 Learning Log – Reclassification



My evaluative has a thematic flow to it. It would make sense to use these themes as dividers of evidence.


How hard will it be fore someone else to follow? Will it make sense only to me? Also like the 1st choices, the evidence could live in more than one theme happily.

So – what do you think? Am I worrying too much? Do you have any ideas yourself or how you arranged it? There are advantages to each approach. In the meantime I may continue with the alphabetical until I make a final decision.


2 thoughts on “#Chartership evidence – How Do You Arrange Yours?

  1. Hi Michael,
    I strongly believe that you should consider the assessors when making this decision. Which of these options will be easiest for the assessors to follow? The easier their lives are, the more positively disposed towards you they will be! From that point of view, I would go with either Option 1 (particularly since your evaluative statement doesn’t follow the criteria, this will make it easy for the assessors to “tick off” each one) or putting your evidence in the order to refer to it in the evaluative statement.
    Hope that helps!

    1. Hi George – this is really useful thanks. I had been heading towards ‘by chartership criteria’ so this has very much helped! Will just have to make a decision about what precisely fits where best. Thanks Again! Michael

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