Reading for Professional Development and Wider Library Knowledge – #Chartership exert

This is for my #Chartership Portfolio, but I thought it would be useful to share. It is a collection of the resources I use to develop professionally and keep abreast of wider library issues. I hope you find it useful J

I keep abreast of wider library knowledge and continue to develop professionally by a wide variety of professional reading. This can take the form of informal discussion on social media, traditional ‘published’ material, discussion lists and the sharing of best practice by colleagues. This reading covers both the wider library fields but also the wider NHS area – specifically that relating to Public Health Intelligence.

Using technologies such as RSS feeds and ETOCS, I follow the content and discussion of the following journals, websites and blogs:

I personally subscribe to the following bulletins & journals

  • Health Information and Libraries Journal
  • CILIP Update (as part of CILIP Membership)

I am a member/follow (lurk1) the following discussion lists. These cover both the library and NHS aspects of my role. These share relevant information and best practice to all list members including signposting to evidence-based practice and relevant research:

  • JISC-Mail: BOLTONFORUM (Bolton Health and Social Care Forum)
  • JISC-Mail: E-LEARNING-NORTHWEST(E-learning in North West)
  • JISC-Mail: HEALTHSERVICESRESEARCH (Research in Health Services)
  • JISC-Mail: HP-RESOURCES (Health Promotion Resources)
  • JISC-Mail: INFOLIT (information literacy in Libraries)
  • JISC-Mail: LIBSTATS (Library Statistics)
  • JISC-Mail: LIHNN (Library & Information Health Network Northwest)
  • JISC-Mail: LIS-E-RESOURCES (E-Resources in Libraries)
  • JISC-Mail: LIS-LINK (General Library)
  • JISC-Mail: LIS-LIRG (Library and Information Research Group)
  • JISC-Mail: LIS-MEDICAL (for Medical Librarians)
  • JISC-Mail: LIS-NURSING (Nursing and Libraries)
  • JISC-Mail: LIS-WEB2 (Library and Web 2 resources)
  • JISC-Mail: PUBLICHEALTHINTELLIGENCE (Public Health Intelligence)
  • JISC-Mail: LIS-PROFESSION (General professional Library list)
  • JISC-Mail:PUBLICHEALTH (Public Health Information)

I use social media such as Twitter and LinkedIn to keep abreast of developments in the wider library community. I am part of a very strong regional network (LIHNN) which shares research/publications of interest and best practice. I keep a list of the most relevant works I have discovered on my personal blog. This can be viewed here:


It is a piece of work produced for a specific purpose and as such there are some gaps. It doesn’t really cover the masses of websites I keep an informal eye on such as SHALL or Health Knowledge or CILIP. It doesn’t cover any of my of my ‘pure’ health readings or (especially) my knowledge management readings which, at this time are at an introductory level and will be evolving rapidly (hopefully) in the next 6 months. It also doesn’t cover any of the resources I use professionally to supply current awareness services to my library users.


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