Thing 1: Blogs and Blogging #CPD23

I have been blogging for over two years. I believe blogging is a useful way of communicating with peers and to help spread my vision of professionalism and skills. It is mainly a professional development tool, I also blog about other interests, that whilst not often professionally relevant, they are personal aspects that make up the professional. This can range from cooking to computer games to comics to cats. I have grown the more I have blogged. It is difficult to find ‘your’ voice when blogging especially in such a diverse field as information management where there are so many sub-genres so to speak and the collective comes from such as disparate background. There are people who can weave narratives and abstract thought into their blogging and these form beautifully crafted, artistic pieces of work. This is not me however, and if I attempted such a thing, it would not be pleasant either to be written or read. I do not have the skill-set/world-view to produce such a thing. There is no use trying to write something that is not you, which a colleague, a family member or friend could not recognise as your own work. Everyone needs to find their own voice. My voice? I would say: knowledagble; practical; pragmatic; self-critical; sharing – be it knowledge, understanding or a skill; becoming more reflective as I have grown both as person and a professional; humorous (or at least trying to be). It shall also be riddled with spelling and grammatical errors…

#CPD23 is a free opportunity to professionally develop (and get a certificate at the end of it!). Where I am currently based, we have a strong regional professional network and CPD opportunities are plentiful be they courses or networking/sharing with peers. This is not the case for everyone, so events like these are wonderful, cooperative opportunities to develop. This is the 2nd year of taking part in #CPD23. I found value out of partaking last year so I am taking part once more, though I was not happy with my contribution. Looking back on last year’s work, I was, quite frankly disappointed. It did not represent me as a person or as a professional at all, especially when compared to something like the #Libdays in which I am quite proud of what I produced. In #CPD23 2011, I came across quite negative and reactive, as though #CPD23 was a chore to be endured, rather than the development opportunity it is. This is no-one’s fault but my own. I did not approach #CPD23 as I should, and as everyone should. Instead of embracing it and integrating it into my working day/week I treated it like homework – to be put off until the last minute and rushed through, doing the bare minimum as it ‘was not important’ . This is the wrong approach and something I am not proud off. It reads rushed and in parts angry and bitter. Not good. And not how I view myself or how others view me, I hope. But as I move through #CPD23 2012, this will show professional and personal development from #CPD23 2011. I hope. With this in mind, I am looking forward to the overall process, how I can relate to it and how I can develop from it. The past 6-12 months (especially working through my Chartership) have made me more reflective but also more aware of my strengths/weaknesses as a professional and how I can develop myself and others. In the immediate future, Thing 2 offers me an immediate chance to widen my knowledge of library sectors beyond my current sphere of understanding. I am particularly interested in academically based libraries that work directly with other sectors and how academic libraries provide support to organisational staff – for example in-house researchers or development teams.


2 thoughts on “Thing 1: Blogs and Blogging #CPD23

  1. Hi Michael, I’m starting CPD23 this year for the first time and found your blog…this is a really interesting post reflecting on your participation in last year’s CPD23. Do you think it is Chartership that has changed your attitude this year? I’m just coming to the end of Chartership and I do think it changes your professional outlook. Though I sometimes get so engrossed that I find myself reflecting on everything… what I’m having for tea, episodes of Eastenders, the behaviour of my dog! Maybe I should blog about that! Anyway, good luck with this year’s CPD23, I am a bit behind but hoping to catch up soon…!

  2. Hi there – thanks for your comment! I would definitely say it has made me more reflective and even circumspect professionally. And I agree, you end up reflecting on everything… ‘now what i have learnt about making that risotto that i can use next time’… 🙂
    Good luck with CPD23

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