Thing 2: Investigating Other Blogs #CPD23

Thing 2 – Investigating Other Blogs. This is something I do as standard both for me professionally and for the service (these 2 are very tightly linked). I also keep abreast of folk’s professional movements via Twitter, and in certain cases Facebook. However #CPD23, much like Library Day in The Life, gives a direct opportunity to go explore, (virtually) meet new people without the need to network (though I would say it is still networking), and hopefully learn new skills and knowledge. No matter who you are and how senior/experienced you may be, there is always the possibility to gain new knowledge.

I mentioned in Thing 1 that whilst I am constantly looking to expand my knowledge on all facets of library services (including health), at the moment I have a particular interest in professional support (as in supporting professional work and outcomes) specifically in academia. So with this in mind, using the #CPD23 Delicious page I have had a look at who was taking part this year and made it a priority to comment on a few blogs. I find it interesting how some people who already blog, create new blogs, I assume because they view CPD23 as a standalone project, which may not fit in with the purpose/design/scope of their main blog. This is something I have not done as #CPD23 is professional development and my blog is about me as a professional, but that is wholly a personal choice. I have also noticed that a lot of people I have seen are using #CPD23 as their route into blogging – which is a really good outcome. I have investigated many blogs, and in doing so have followed new people on Twitter. I feel at this time it is useful to ‘scope’ out what other people are doing, but to truly pay attention throughout the entire 23 Things process. I am not going to name (and shame) whom I have followed, just in case they decided not to continue or to take a break.

As mentioned above – this is an opportunity to network as well. So if anyone does work/have knowledge of my ongoing interests or would just like to get in touch/ask me a question, just leave a comment! I’m happy to answer anything, but I’m best suited to answer questions on: general health library management; public-health library partnership working; using of web 2/social media etc. in health/small libraries; practical information retrieval in health; role of information professional in health intelligence; current awareness service development in health; health library marketing and The Simpsons.


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