Chartership Meeting – 22nd May 2012

Another good meeting with Gil my mentor again today. I had sent her a draft of my portfolio ‘as it stands’ so she could view it as a whole. I feel this helped Gil view what has been produced so far and enabled me to spot gaps more readily. The most work needed is on the evaluative statement but Gil posed a very interesting question, that whomever assesses this will not have any prior knowledge of me as a person or as a professional – what documents will they look at first? If I were assessing this typwe of document, what would I look at first if I was trying to get a flavour of an individual? What would you look at?

I am going to take a day off, hopefully to get the following done…

  • Finish CV
  • Finalise evaluative statement including proof reading by Mrs Cook, @emilylovedhim & @ellyob
  • Update Acronym document
  • Complete evidence matrix
  • Add original designs & WHY
  • Finish PDPP
  • Complete list of URL’s included in document
  • Find Copyright certificate!
  • Copyright evidence finalise (learning log)
  • Formatting changes on 5 x documents
  • Produce Contents List – Page Numbers!
  • Formalise Evidence Arrangements
  • Print off and sort changes
  • Proof read everything. Twice
  • Finish!

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