#CPD23 Thing 5 – Reflective Practice

Thing 5. Reflective Practice. I have written some blog posts recently on reflective practice so this will be a quick post. Let’s start with some statements I believe to be true:

  • Reflective Practice makes you a better professional
  • Chartership made me more reflective
  • Reflective Practice – Getting it done right is better than getting it done quicker
  • Reflective Practice – there is no set formula. It can be different for everyone

There are many different approaches to reflective practice and my personal preference is a combination of ‘learning logs’ and the ‘What’ approach. I became a much better reflective practitioner and thusly a better professional by undertaking the Chartership process. For those who can – I would definitely recommend doing it. I found it very useful. I try to encourage (but no force) as many library folk as possible to take up reflection as way of working as I believe it benefits all – including new professionals – my 3 student volunteers being an example of this.

Other posts I have done on reflection can be found here:




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