Learning Log 24 – Unprepared for a meeting #reflection

Based upon my handwritten copy. I may start sharing these more.


29th October 2012



Significant Experience

I got the date of a meeting I was chairing wrong, assuming it was on the Tuesday rather than the Monday.

What Happened?

I got the date of a meeting wrong, which meant I did not have the time I would prefer to prepare in both terms of resources, but also to mentally prepare for leading a discussion.

So What? Conclusions

Normally I would prepare the day before, just so I can relax knowing everything I need is done and then give myself time to mentally prepare for the task of leading/managing a group of my peers – which is not something that comes naturally to me. However this time I didn’t have that luxury due to a personal error, and the meeting went as well as normal – it was enjoyable, lively, relaxed yet productive and didn’t seem to drag. Though much of this is down to the group members, this has showed me that I can speak well and lead a group with the minute preparation. It has also showed that I am able to cope in less than personally ideal circumstances. Despite an initial panic, I approached this incident calmly.

Now What? Actions

I believe this shows that I have got better in dealing with situations that I cannot control. In the future I will try to keep calm, relax and deal with the situation (managing my inner chimp!) as I did today. I am much more productive when relaxed than when not.

When & Where?

29th October 2012. HCLU Lair, Wigan


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