Thing 6: Online networks #CPD23

Thing 6 was an interesting CPD activity for me. I was a member of all of the online networks (aside from Librarians as Teachers – which I have joined, more on that later), but as became apparent during the building of the post, I don’t use any of the feature networks enough. That doesn’t sound good enough Onto the networks:

CILIP Communities

I was not aware that this existed. After having a look, it seems a potentially useful resource, especially for keeping track of blog posts. I have added it to my ‘Library EBP’ feed. Quite comically, I noticed my blog wasn’t on the Blog Landscape and got quite aggrieved. Did they not know who I am? Just look at some of the ones they did have on there… then I realised you had to ask be added. I can be a terrible diva J The forums seem a potentially useful avenue, but are not overly active (when compared to more traditional lists and Twitter) and on a quick search, there was not much information about my chosen field – health. Though this is a common problem – and one of the reasons I decided to start a couple of things of my own.


I have an odd relationship with Facebook. I have 2 separate accounts, the wholly personal one for family and non-professionally linked friends, and another for professional friends/colleagues (though new people tend to get added to this one). I class the latter as my profersonal account, where I mix my professional and personal account. This is something I have in the past been loathe to do, and am working on it slowly. I would say I use Facebook as the personal side of my professional self – allowing folk a glimpse (sometimes more) of who I really am.


LISNPN is a resource I should use a lot more than I actually do. Although I fall within the ‘new professional’ definition, I don’t feel like a new professional. In my almost nine years within libraries, I have been doing professional work for most of that; be it literature searching or some form of staff supervision/operational management of service. LISNPN is something I should be looking to engage in my profession, either as a resource to gain information, or to give back.


I have been a member of LinkedIn for a while, and although I keep my profile up to date, I do not do anything else. I do not use any of the network features, and as such how am supposed to benefit from it? Not good enough.

Librarians as Teachers

I was not aware of Librarians as Teachers before starting this ‘Thing’. I have now joined and have had a quick look round. It seems a useful resource as part of my job is basically teaching (never called that though – enabling, sharing etc.). I need to look into this more


Although Twitter was heavily featured as part of Thing 5, I felt it worthy of another mention on this ‘Thing’. This is the online network I use more than any other I would say. I think there is very much informal sub-networks within Twitter (and sub-groups of sub-groups). I use both as an information sharing resource as well as a conversational resource.

What Next?

  • As mentioned above, I have signed up for Librarians as Teachers. I now need to investigate and see how I can use it, and contribute to it.
  • I need to contribute more to LISNPN. I have developed some resources/pages people may find useful (especially new professionals) and that seems a perfect platform to share it on!
  • I am going to offer my blog to CILIP Blog Landscape. I feel people would find it useful/interesting. I may also look into getting more of a health presence on there.
  • I am going to engage with the networks and with the people I am linked to. You can find my profile here:
  • Keep upto date with them! As with professional current awareness, I need to keep up to date. That is a mental change to make.



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