I have added the following blog post: “Why are Health Libraries and Health Librarians so Important?” by Her Slant Finely (on Twitter @herslantfinely) to the What We Do page  as it is quite frankly a brilliant introduction to life as a health sector librarian. A great starting point for anyone looking into health librarianship. It covers a lot of the skills required, and while library folk in other sub-sectors (primary care, mental health, more specific clinical librarians, health library management etc.) have different or additional roles and responsibilities – it was written as an introduction for non-health library folk. If it was to cover all aspects of Lesley’s job, it would no doubt break the 10,000 word barrier! (as would any comprehensive post about a health librarian role!).

In summary – a brilliant introductory post to life as a health librarian. I would also recommend subscribing to the Her Slant Finely blog for an interesting insight into the role of a modern medical librarian!