Information Consultancies – a list…

Information Consultancies: A fancy name for a fancy version of a literature search. As well as searching traditional healthcare databases (think Medline, Embase, Cinahl, SCIE etc.) other resources are searched to find a complete overview of a topic – and in some cases – finding the answer to a question. These resources include Map of Medicine, NHS Evidence & associated NICE websites, using Google properly, and more. The most traditional health literature search is the clinical search – to support clinical practice, a core aspect of clinical/medical/hospital librarianship. Within my role, I cover clinical practice, but I also cover a wide range of areas – public health, primary care, commissioning and social care. I also get asked for ‘skills’ based searches occasionally. These searches can range from scoping to very in-depth to continuous searches. To highlight this, I have decided to share the ‘information consultancy’ requests I currently have sitting in the ‘to be done’ folder (I aim to get them done within 10 working days, but work pressures have resulted in this slipping L). You can view previous searches by clicking here as I share all searches I do on the library blog. I also have Amy my Saturday Assistant looking into these (I have high hopes for Amy).

Public Health

  • Best Evidence regarding Dementia Prevention
  • Effectiveness of Stop Smoking for Pregnancy in England (Service Improvement)
  • Do health promotion interventions for staff improve infection control in residential homes
  • Work for annual report (Secret J)


  • ME services (or lack of) – Why?
  • Health Needs of 3 emerging communities (West African, Eastern European, Traveller) as part of wider health needs assessment
  • Interventions to improve offender health. As part of wider health needs assessment

Clinical Practice, Community & Primary Care

  • Most common running Injuries for ‘club-level’ runners and physio interventions for them
  • MS symptom control and cannabis based pharmacology
  • Psychological impact of childhood sexual abuse in adolescence (how abuse at a young affects in teenage years)
  • Withholding/Withdrawing treatment


These searches are to support the updates of specific JSNA chapters for Bolton. They cover evidence on national, regional and local levels and look at guidance, best practice and outcomes. These are more gathering than searching (local outcomes aside).

  • Mental Health
  • Physical Activity
  • Childhood Obesity
  • CVD
  • Cancer
  • Teenage Pregnancy
  • Diabetes

Social Care

  • Female victims of DV: what works in creating support groups?
  • Best practice re: challenges by individuals with learning difficulties (& families) in relation to consent with reference to families & clients in conflict.
  • Attachment: siblings entering care when a sibling has a disability


  • Project Management within Health
  • Gaps in research: “Bowel Cancer Screening Programme”

As you can see a varied set of topics! Its also a warning to how work can build up in when you have a small team.

Let me know what you think!


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