Information Consultancies – Updated Presentation/Layout of Results for Users

I have recently updated how we as a service present information consultancies. Although they are still serviceable, I felt they were a bit too ‘academic’. By this I mean they were focused on the ‘primary research’ results often generated in databases such as the ones that make up HDAS. This often isn’t what our users want – who tend to be commissioners, public health/social care practitioners and community healthcare staff. They tend to want more decision (both clinical and commissioning) making resources such as systematic reviews, guidance, grey literature etc. The old layout gave everything equal weight in terms of quality, which to a lay person could be misleading.


The new layout reflects more a hierarchy of evidence, giving more weight to the higher quality research.It also factors in the ‘do once and share’ that hopefully flows through the NHS.


Let me know what you think 🙂


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