Learning Log 42: The Indispensable Healthcare Library (Day 1 of 3)

Date: 11th June 2013

Number 42

Significant Experience

This was day 1 of a 3 day course that is focusing on how best align library strategy to the overall organisation strategy and beyond!

What Happened?

The overall focus of the day was to aim to get library folk who write library strategy to write them in a way that aligns them with wider strategy. The phrase was ‘mini-me’. How does the library service help the organisation meet its strategic aims? There were tips, tricks and guidance. It started with a presentation from David Stewart about ‘What Matters to a Chief Executive?’. This was then followed by working on the process of service re-alignment to an organisational strategy through a case study. The afternoon was spent looking at strategy maps – the concept of mapping a strategy out into sections, followed by aligning what the library does to it.

So What? Conclusions

It is hard to conclude complete thoughts from this session as it was very obviously part of a set of events so it wasn’t a rounded one day session. It was still very interesting however. Despite no longer having a traditional library service (being more of an embedded librarian within a wider team – this will become a norm within health libraries, mark my words), this was still of relevance. It is important being able to ‘justify’ yourself in terms of organisational values, strategic aims etc. It is also important to be able to sell yourself as to senior management – using their language – just as any library person would do when dealing with service users. This is also of use for HPR: Bolton service I shall be strategically managing. Although a health promotion service, the link between that & libraries is strong within the NHS. This session will be very useful for this.

Now What? Actions

I will now develop the HPR:Bolton strategy using the skills of strategy mapping and the guide provided to ensure it meets the Health & Wellbeing Strategy aims (as well as the Public Health Business Plan, the Public Health Outcomes Framework!!)

When & Where?

10am-4.30pm, 11th June 2013, Holiday Inn, Liverpool


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