Belbin Team Role Feedback: Is it Me You’re Looking For?

Next week, we (PHIT) as a mini-team are undertaking some training. Part of our pre-training homework was to undertake & share a Belbin Questionnaire This is an extract from my report – the Team Role Feedback. I have been sceptical of things like this, but on the whole it does seem to nail me pretty good.  The whole report is a lot more positive than I would expect, and there our a couple of things I would disagree with but I think the most negative view someone has of you is often the one in your head (sociopaths aside) and the people closest to you often have the most honest perception of you as an individually – either personally or professionally. A funny thing to note was that the 2 people I asked to do this whom I managed (Mike & Amy) had almost completely opposite perceptions of me. maybe I managed them differently?

Team Role Feedback (Based upon Self Perception and 6 Feedback from Others)

You seem to gain intrinsic satisfaction from the nature of the work in which you are engaged.

For you, work is like a hobby, offering you a chance to exercise your creative disposition and to utilise your expertise simultaneously. As far as the outside world is concerned, you will be known and respected for your knowledge and special skills and for the fact that you are at the forefront of most new developments.

You are likely to feel least comfortable when work falls outside your area of professional competence and expertise, so build up your personal reputation in your own special area and carve out your own job within it.

Whatever your chosen career path, you will achieve most success if you can secure the respect of those who work in different subject areas. Others will need to know how you are progressing and what you have to offer. If you are to make your mark, ensure that you do not overwhelm people with science or flood them with technical details that carry no real interest for them. Cultivate the skill of knowing how much information to offer. As a manager, you are likely to work best with those who can translate your ideas and expertise into definite plans.

Your operating style is that of a pioneering professional. Colleagues will respect you for what you know and what you have achieved. Beyond that circle, you may find difficulty in reaching out to others, unless you are able to cultivate a means of communicating in a way that people outside your area of expertise can understand. Make a point of presenting a concise overview when clarity is required.

You also seem to have a propensity for taking an interest in, and caring for, others. Focus on cultivating a good atmosphere in the team by developing good relationships with others and offer to take on work which seems to have fallen through the gaps. Your efforts should earn you not only popularity but also a reputation as a considerate, diplomatic individual who can be relied upon to keep things running smoothly.

On a final note, you need to take account of the role for which you are least suited. You do not appear to have the characteristics of someone who obtains results by driving others forward. If you can work in harmony with someone who has these complementary qualities, your performance is likely to improve.

I would be interested to hear from:

  • People who have worked with me – does it represent me?
  • People in similar positions (library folk or PHI folk) who see themselves in this



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