Thoughts about my week 10-16th June 2013

I’ve already blogged quite extensively this week already, so I am going to keep it quite brief. Unlike last week, I found this week to be really quite productive with a nice mix of activities and tasks. I was able to finish tasks/projects off, progress with others as well as started other (challenging and exciting) projects (that I hope will go a long way to broaden my scope at work). I completed all my staff’s personal development reviews (appraisals) and they were generally positive. I had some very interesting training all day Tuesday – which you can read about here. I also managed to get an ‘admin day’. These are often useful to play proper catch-up. Although my role is beyond a traditional ‘library’ role, it is still a supportive role – and as such, I need to be able to respond to what people want from me. I also need to be able to finish things off. In my view the only things worse than being lazy are being shit or being unreliable. I hope to think that I am none of these things! I think having such a varied week, though not varied enough that I can’t complete anything, brings the best out of me. It allows me to focus on what I need to, yet also work around my dwindling levels of concentration. Which seems to be getting worse the older I get!

This upcoming week features some more training, a presentation, some ‘library’ stuff and I think my one to one! Have a couple of days extra as not moving house until week after (note to self: ring landlady about extended last month to 6 weeks)

Thanks for reading



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