Learning Log 43: Public Health Intelligence Management Team Away Day

No. 43


20th June 2013

What Happened?

This was a training day for Mark, Shan and I that was quite a long time coming. When our line manager left in November 2012, it was decided that we (PHIT) needed some ‘leadership’ training. The original plan was for traditional courses via OU, but as the three of us were at the very least educated to postgraduate level, we decided against a return to formal education! We instead looked into more bespoke training and coaching. Due to library closure and other work pressures, this was put back and put back until June. It was originally scheduled for March! The overall focus of the session was communication, leadership and teamwork.

So What?

I found this day really useful and I believe Mark & Shan also did. It was very practical, with individual and group work backing up any theoretical work. Thankfully there was no role play J. Topics covered throughout the morning included ‘Action-Centred Leadership’, the ‘Psychological Work Contract’ , Leadership Styles through the ‘Continuum Model’; dealing with performance issues ann giving both negative and positive feedback using the BEDS feedback model. All of these I am going to investigate further as with my managerial experience I realised a lot of the mistakes and issues I had were my own doing. And that I was a soft manager!

The afternoon focused on how we operate as team, and latterly how we communicate with non-PHIT colleagues. The team roles were based upon the Belbin Model. What was interesting is that from the 2 people who assessed me that I had managed – Mike & Amy, had me almost reverse from each other. Perhaps I managed the differently? It may surprise to find out a team of analysts are more thinkers than action or socially based! This showed our strengths and also where we need to develop. Basically – talk to people! We know what characteristics are required. The final section of the day involved communication and developing our developing our communication maps. This involved mapping out who we communicated with and then judging each relationship on its strength. This brought us to the next section, improving communication and breaking down larger or uncomfortable jobs. This is a particular issue with me. All in all a really enjoyable and productive day!

Now What?

As I have mentioned it was very practical and useful session. Taking from it I am going to approach how I communicate with the staff I manage. Instead of approaching it how I prefer to deal with people (reactively and on an ad-hoc basis) I have decided to proactive and arrange 1-1’s with them all on a regular basis to give them a regular platform allowing for equality of access. This will help build up the communication between us, which is an area I know I need to develop. I also used the BEDS feedback model to praise a member of staff, which I saw an instant positive reaction to. The final thing I shall do is look at what tasks that involve making contact with folk and seem to loom and break them down, working out what the first steps are and then building upon that. This will help reduce my workload in the long run.

When & Where:

Le Mans Crescent, Bolton


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