For 1972…Read 2013?

“Health Education covers such a diverse field that it sometimes becomes difficult to draw all the threads together in a profitable way. Obviously a multi-disciplinary approach is needed, but it is growing too fast to enable one person to act as co-coordinator for any length of time……it is necessary to maintain a close liaison with other voluntary and statutory agencies and to serve on several committees in related fields. The saving in cost of services and gain in personal happiness through health education over a number of years, has proved to repay resources that are made to this services”. (Ross 1972)

Taken from the Annual Report of the Medical Officer of Health for Year Ended 31st December 1972 – also known as ‘The Health of Bolton’ Report 1972.  (consisting of the Annual Report of the Medical Officer of Health and Annual Report of Principal School Medical Officer). Written by A.I. Ross.

The “Annual Reports of Medical Officer of Health” are available from our Local Archives here in Bolton and go from 1890’s until 1972. If you are interested in public health and how a town develops from a Public Health perspective, I would recommended checking to see if these are available for your area and discover a wealth a historical health, environmental health & child development statistics!



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