Learning Log 1 – Knowledge for Healthcare Leadership Programme launch session

Date: 24th April 2016

Number: 16

Significant Experience: Attended the lauch of the NHS Knowledge for Healthcare Leadership Programme

What Happened?: It was a day long introduction to the leadership programme, including an overview of topics to be covered, an introduction to some basic concepts of leadership, leadership paths for ‘NHS Library Leaders’ and the start of our group work. The main thing that jumped out to me was the concept of ‘Authentic Leadership’ so I am going to investiagte this concept further.

So What?: This session helped me develop an understanding of what the course offers, and what is expected of me.  I am aware of the challenges that this course may take both professionally (in terms of workload, getting time off etc) and personally (working in different ways, being put in challenging sitauations, working in a group enviornment I may not control etc) but that is one of the main reasons I am undertaking the course to challenge myself as a leader and as a professional.

Now What?: Moving forward from this I shall focus on the course and contribute both to my own and my fellow programme buddies development. This shall enable me to become a better leader within my organisation and by becoming more effective in how I operate.

When & Where?: London (HEE) 11th March 2016


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