Date: 8th June 2016

Number: 13

Significant Experience: Session 3 of Knowledge for Healthcare Leadership Course – all about communication

What Happened?: There was a multitude of activities that focused on leadership and communication – specifically of interest how our communication style affects our communication as leaders and how to communicate with others.

So What?: Not all of the course stuck with me, parts of it seemed Myers-Brigg ‘lite’ but I could fully comprehend the theory and intent behind it. Overall it was a very useful session that left me with a lot to think about.

Now What?: Focusing particularly on how I communicate with others, I have taken this learning and adpated how I communicate with my senior managment so that I get my message across much more effectively. This has already enabled me to show my effectiveness to the department by getting an ambitious piece of work approved, that would not have been approved previously.

When & Where?: Bristol – 1st June 2016