Date: 5th July 2016

Number: 15

Significant Experience: I did an internal time management e-learning course

What Happened?: It was a brief introduction to time management technniques

So What?: Whilst much of this activities/ideas on this e-learning course I have already encountered in other areas – it introduced the concept of the ‘Time Management Quadrant’ – which seems to be based upon Stevn Covey’s idea.

Now What?: I am going to investigate the Steven Covey concept by borrowing the book ‘The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People‘ as the idea of the urgency vs. importance in the tasks I am given seems like something that may be useful. If it is as good as I think it is, i shall implement this into my work to ensure that I am being as productive as I can be which will increase my effectiveness for my organisation .I have investigated and started using the ‘Activity Matrix’ to better organise my work load and prioritise my work, which has increased my workload.

When & Where?: Online -5th July 2016