Learning Log 17 – Activity Matrix Implementation

Date: 11th July 2016

Number: 17

Significant Experience: Developed & implemented activity matrix to improve my workload balance/productivity.

What Happened?: The biggest takeaway from the Time Management E-Learning Course (Learning Log 15) was the concept of an  activity matrix, and how this could help me better manage my workload. Although the one on the course was more focused on urgency/importance, I did a quick bit of research and found one that better suited my needs. I have now transfered my July tasks (as laid out in my Bullet Journal) and I have seen an immediate increase in my productivity.

So What?: This has allowed me to better identify what tasks to do and allowed me to better manage my time by better task planning

Now What?: I shall now continue to use this tool to help me map and manage my workload more effectively, increasing my productivity.

When & Where?: Desk, 6th July 2016


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