Date: 11th July

Number: 18

Significant Experience: Managing Capability  E-Learning Packaging

What Happened?: It was a hour course that examined the issue of capability from a line manager perspective. It looked at the required standards of performance, capability vs conduct, questions to ask yourself to verify the issue as one of capability, the main reasons for poor performance, introduced an assessment tool (Problem Analysis Grid) and then went through the organisations capability procedure.

So What?: I wish this course had been available years ago! It has helped me develop an understanding of the issue of capability and when I as a manager should act (and the danger of not acting!)

Now What?: Although it is too late too implement on my current memebr of staff, with future staff I shall proactively implement a monitoring/counselling approach to ensure staff fully understand what is expected of them and have the knowledge/skills to best undertake it. This will help me ensure situations like my current one (and then wellbeing problems/time wasted) do not happen again.

When & Where?: Online – 11th July