Learning Log 19 – Bullet Journal Use

Date: 11th July

Number: 19

Significant Experience: I read a blog post by Jo Alcock about the organisational method ‘ Bullet Journal’

What Happened?: After a fair bit of research, I started using the ‘Bullet Journalling’ method to improved my organisation. I have tried many different methods from outlooks tasklist to deep-pomodoro to a traditional to-do-list but none have ever stuck. I adore Bullet Journal, it has become the framework for my life 🙂 . I have adapted it to better fit my needs.

So What?: Implementing this organisational technique has allowed me to become much more organised as I can now better my workload and include things such as my emotional wellbeing and fitness activities. I can now view and assess my life at a glance. This has helped me control my anxiety.

Now What?: I shall continue to use the bullet journal and evolve it to improve my efficency and effectiveness

When & Where?: Daily from May 2016


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