Date: 18th July 2016

Number: 36

Significant Experience: I read the book: ‘Developing your assertiveness skills’ by Deborah Dalley

What Happened?: I know from filling out the PKSB (and through life) that my assertiveness skills require development – so as a first step I read the book as I have had training with Deborah before and she is very good. I found the book very useful, bringing together different models and tools to use when needing tio be more assertive. I found a lot of similarities with the tools i use in coping with my anxiety and depression.

So What?: This book has been really helpful in assessing what aspects and situations I need to be more assertive in as well as coping mechanisms to help me better deal with situations I tend to withdraw from.

Now What?: I have made a list of areas that I feel I can develop. From this action plan I am going to work on improving each area to become more assertive and be able to better manage my workload, which shall help me improve the quality of my work.

When & Where?: Home- 11th July 2016