Date: 25th July 2016

Number: 38

Significant Experience: Webinar as part of Knowledge for Healthcare Leadership programme

What Happened?: It was a webinar (hosted by Jo Alcock) that examined people management using 3 practical examples – managing people, managing change and managing volunteers. The 3 speakers (Victoria, Nimah & Imrana) were all very engaging and provided there practical experiences of the particular topic.

So What?: This webinar was very useful as it showed these different people approaching these different problems and how these were overcome/dealt with – what soft approaches were used. It showed that beyond the standard approcahes you can use your personality – your authentic leadership skills – in different management situations

Now What?: This learning has resolved me to refocus my attention on developing my authentic leadership style by finishing off ‘Why Should anyone be lead by you?’ book and starting North Handbook on developing authenticty within leadership

When & Where?: Online – 25th July 2016