Learning Log 21A – Assertiveness Action Plan

My ‘now what’ from Learning Log 21 based on an activity Deborah Dalley’s book ‘Developing Your Assertiveness Skills’ was to develop my own personal ‘Assertiveness Action Plan’ based upon the focus of the book. So… here is mine, though it is quite a list I’m sure you would agree! I am not sure I can improve in all these areas, but many are so interlinked that there could be a case of ‘rising tides raising all ships’

Area to Work On Why Action(s) By When? Outcome?
Improve self-confidence The underpinning of many of my issues. I lack self-confidence/professional self-worth I do not believe this can be sorted out quickly – many of the other actions in this action plan will help improve my support network

I shall watch the CILIP ‘Professional Confidence’ Webinar

  • Ongoing
  • September 2016
Being Put on the Spot I often get flustered when put on the spot – a throwback to a negative set of experiences with a previous manager I shall develop stock phrases to help me give myself breathing space to think about situations Ongoing
Not speaking up I often do not speak up and express my opinion (especially in group situations) as I am scared of being challenged and/or embarrassed I shall start to believe in myself a bit more by focusing on what I have done well and why my opinion is valued within my team and organisation. Ongoing
Active Listening To become more assertive I need to develop active listening skills so I can put myself in a better situation I shall start developing these skills by examining some useful research around Active Listening September 2016
More Positive Reaffirmation To improve self-confidence and belief in myself
  •  I shall restart my professional development blog to ensure I keep an ongoing record of positive activity/achievements
  • I shall create a positive feedback folder to keep all positive feedback I receive via email. I shall also email myself positive verbal feedback to remind myself
  • August 2016
  • August 2016
Develop support network Without a support network I am left to my own thoughts which can lead to negative and self-defeating thoughts and feelings of professional loneliness I shall network more with both public health and library colleagues to help develop a professional support network Ongoing
Challenge my fears Not challenging I/my fears I feel get complacent in my professional (and personal) life. I need to push myself
  •  I am taking part in the KfH leadership Programme
  •  I shall start my Fellowship
  • March 2016
  • Autumn 2016
Learn to say no I often attach myself/agree to unnecessary/impossible pieces when I should just say no. This is down to a fear of not contributing enough which is a long-term issue I shall re-read ‘The Chimp Paradox’ and develop an action plan to implement some of these actions which shall help with deeper issues  October 2016 ·
Visualisation A negative approach to thoughts leads to negative visualisation – especially within challenging situations or situations where I do not feel I have control I shall make a concerted effort to focus on possible positive outcomes rather than potential negative outcomes. Ongoing
Learn More I feel I have begun to stagnate/complacent as information professional. I know getting direction on development from my organisation is not going to happen so
  •  I shall complete the CILIP PKSB to develop a map of where I can and should develop.
  • I shall find job descriptions of roles that I may be interested in and map my current skills to the requirements to see where I can develop
  • October 2016
  •  Ongoing
Break Larger Pieces of Work  Down I have started to get quite down when large pieces of work come in feeling they are too large I shall, when presented with a new piece of work, break it down into manageable chunks, this will stop feelings of being ‘overwhelmed’ Ongoing (I should do this already)
Stop saying Sorry By saying sorry a lot I come off quite passive and puts me on a back foot in situations – but this is a deep rooted issue I shall re-read ‘The Chimp Paradox’ and develop an action plan to implement some of these actions which shall help with deeper issues October 2016



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