Learning Log 29 – Half Marathon PB

Date: 9th September 2016

Number: 29

Significant Experience: I competed in the 2016 Bolton Community Half Marathon

What Happened?: I trained well for, and completed the Bolton Community Half Marathon – achieving a new personal best on a very challenging course

So What?: Although this is not strictly a professional development, it does bear an important message. For this race, I prepared properly. I undertook many hours of training – some of it with friends, but many of it – included a full half marathon practice run and 2 pre-6am 10 mile runs on my own. I also lost 10kg in weight since my last race on 21st June 2016. All this effort and preperation enabled me to achieve great results and this lesson of preperation helping enable (but not guarenteeing) success is something I should preach in my professional day to day activites more. I am often playing catch-up with myself for numerous reasons, but lack of preperation is high on the list. This isn’t going to change the world. I fell very early in the race and could have had to stop. This will happen sometimes. But by being more prepared I shall enable myself to have a better chance of succeeding than leaving everything to the last minute.

A) Now What?: I shall continue to implement my Bullet Journal technique and give myself time at the start of each week so I can map out my activities and the neccasary preperations. This will clear up time later on and allow me to work more effectively and efficently. I shall also continue to implement the activities as laid out in my assertiveness action plan to ensure I am not wasting my energy on other peoples work.

B) Now What? In 2017 I shall run a marathon.

When & Where?: Bolton, 4th September 2016


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