Health Libraries Group Conference 2016 #HLG2016

There has already been some very excellent overviews (I’ve seen Alans & Abis excellent pieces already) of the events of HLG 2016 that I could not hope to replicate so I shall not try. Instead, I am going to use a learning log approach to highlight my key learnings from the conference – that is not to say that I didn’t find value in the sessions not covered below!

Something that I was very happy with was the ability connect personally with new people  – or more accurately Twitter friends –  such as Alan Fricker whom I had a lovely run with on the Thursday morning or Sue Lacy Bryant whom I had met in person for the first time at the Knowledge for Healthcare Leadership Programme the day prior to HLG . Just as important was the opportunity HLG2016 gave me in reconnecting with people I know, but haven’t kept in contact with (normally through my own ignorance and isolationist tendencies).  On the Thursday evening, the conference dinner – that I had been absolutely dreading – was much fun thanks to all my LIHNN North West colleagues in attendance that put me at ease, especially Gil & Tracey – with whom I made many red wine fuelled plans :-). Earlier in the day I also had opportunity to catch up with my old friend Amy, whom I had not seen in far too long, and we had plenty of time to make each other laugh!

In the days leading up to HLG my anxieties had very nearly talked me out of attending. I am so very thankful I didn’t bottle it. I had a brilliant couple of days both professionally and personally, learnt so much which I am looking forward to putting into practice.


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