Learning Log 32: HLG 2016 Day 1 Keynote

Date: 19th September 2016


Significant Experience: HLG 2016 Day 1 Keynote

What Happened?: I attended the keynote address for HLG 2016 by Louise Gowsami and Patrick Mitchell which focused on and update of Knowledge for Healthcare, the current change cycle within the health economy and how these two are intertwined.

So What?: These was very important as being outside of the NHS often means that were are kept on the periphery of updates. Getting such a sharp update on the progress of KfH and the current STP proccess was very helpful

Now What?: I shall find out what my role specifically and my team (PHIT) role within the Greater Manchester STP process. This shall help us understand what we can do to support the process and increase our visibility. There are also several tools to support my work being launched: Knowledge Management Toolkit, the Value and Impact Toolkit, I shall be investigating these to see how they can improve my effectiveness.

When & Where: 15th September 2016, HLG 2016, Scarborough.


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