Date: 19th September 2016

Number: 33

Significant Experience: HLG Parallel Session – Writing Contextualised Research Summaries to Support Commissioner’s Decision Making
What Happened?: At HLG 2016, I attended Alan Lovell (Bazian Ltd) seminar on the production of research summaries to support commissioners. I found this very interesting as it is a key aspect of what I do. Alan gave an in-depth journey through the process that highlighted the aims, processes and challenges that seemed to need a thick skin to be able to navigate! Alan also shared best practice on writing.

So What?: This allied with Anne Gray’s seminar (Learning Log 34) has given me pause for thought on how I support the decision makers in my organisation. As Alan said – there is no ‘silver bullet’ to deliver these, which gives me opportunity to refresh in a way best for my key stakeholders.

Now What?: I am going to speak to the commissioners and senior management in my organisation about a shift in how I deliver current awareness information to them to a more focused, but information rich approach which will increase my value and impact to the organisation. I am also going to examine my writing style to see if I can become more effective in delivering the key messages.

When & Where: 15th September 2016, HLG 2016, Scarborough.