Date: 19th September 2016

Number: 34

Significant Experience: HLG Parallel Session – Evidence-based commissioning: now and moving forward

What Happened?: At HLG 2016, I attended Anne Gray’s very excellent seminar on how she supports commissioners in her Commissioning Support Unit. It covered a whole host of issues that I have been encountered such as:

  • Writing for them (commissioners) – not for you or PCT!
  • Quality vs quantity in evidence provision
  • Use of collaborative work
  • Synthesis & Summary

So What?: This presentation could have been produced just for me – it was so on-point and answered questions I had been quietly asking myself about how I delivered Current Awareness to my users. Alongside Alan Lovell’s earlier seminar (Learning Log 33) it has helped me frame issues in what I deliver and provided a rough road map of what I can do to provide the added-value that perhaps I have lost in the constant change cycle we are in. I feel I am about 80-90% close to providing what would be perceived as excellent, value-added service already.

Now What?: I am going to speak to the commissioners and senior management in my organisation about a shift in how I deliver current awareness information to them to a more focused, but information rich approach which will increase my value and impact to the organisation.

When & Where: 15th September 2016, HLG 2016, Scarborough.