Date: 19th September 2016

Number: 35

Significant Experience: HLG 2016 Parallel Session: Talent Management: what is it and why is it important?

What Happened?: I attended the Claire Bradshaw seminar on talent management and found it extremely useful. Claire introduced the NHS/KfH Talent Management toolkit that shall definitely be a helpful resource!

So What?: As an singled-handed, embedded librarian within a public health department I often feel isolated and losing my core skill set, which is often due to my isolationist and introverted approach to life. The toolkit seems to be able to support my (non-librarian) management in supporting and developing me. But I also need to look at my own role in developing my talent and come up with ways to sell myself to my organisation.

Now What?: I am going to introduce the Talent Management toolkit to my line management and see if they are interested. I am also going to continue with my ‘Assertiveness Action Plan’ (Learning Log 21a). These both should help me develop as a professional.

When & Where: 16th September 2016, HLG 2016, Scarborough.