Learning Log 31: Knowledge for Healthcare Leadership Programme – Change Management Workshop

Date: 27th September 2016

Number: 31

Significant Experience: The 3rd Knowledge for Healthcare Workshop hosted by Jo Alcock

What Happened?: It was a very interesting session that had a focus on change management in the afternoon, with a vairty of topics covered in the morning including a leadership discussion,overview of course (and upcoming activity), and Sue Lacy Bryant discussing her leadership/career journey.

So What?: The most important of the the morning topics was the ‘leadership journey’ of Sue Lacey Bryant, which I found very interesting – not only the journey through primary care into primary care leadership, but also the concept of a succesful ‘Portfolio Career’. This concept seems very appealing to me, though I’m not sure I am brave enough to try it just yet, the message of ‘magic happening’ outside of your comfort zone is one I have began to embrace over the past few months, and is one of the reasons I am on the KfH Leadership course! Whilst the concept of change management is not new to me, The NHS Change Model and its 8 interlinking components was. In the activity around these, the importance of a wellrounded approach to these differing (but linked) components really spoke to me.

Now What?: Mixing both what I learned from the change management disucssion and what Sue discussed in her leadership, I am going to use the PKSB for Health to develop my own personal platform to help guide myself to the next stage of my career as I feel I have begun to professionally stagnate somewhat.

When & Where?: Manchester, 14th September 2016


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