Learning Log 36 – Professional Reading: On Writing by Stephen King

Date: 27th September 2016

Number: 36

Significant Experience: Reading King, S. (2002). On writing. Simon and Schuster.

What Happened?: At HLG 2016 I attended a workshop on writing bulletins for commissioners which focused on the art of writing the bulletin rather than the act of synthesis. From this I decided to re-examine how I produce evidence-bulletins, both in terms of product but also style. On the back of this I read the Stephen King memoir/writing masterclass ‘

So What?: I found this book extremely interesting, both in terms of the memoir and the writing masterclass. I have never read anything about ‘writing style’ since University, and whilst this was quite heavily focused on creative/fiction writing, there were still many relevant points to help me develop my writing style. I especially found the ‘writing toolbox’ analogy helpful.

Now What?: This learning has shown me that my writing style is an area I require further development in. I shall read 2 recommended books, one on writing style (Elements of Style) and one on grammar as this is an area of high need! By reading these and implementing the learning – as well as experentially strengthening the other areas highlighted in the ‘writers toolbox’ I shall be able to improve the quality, speed and thus overall effectiveness of this offer to the commissioners which shall allow them to make decisions more effectively.

When & Where?: Home. 25th & 26th September 2016


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