Learning Log 37 – Professional Reading: Coaching for Peformance

Date: 14th October 2016

Number: 37

Significant Experience: I read sections of Whitmore, J. (2010). Coaching for performance: growing human potential and purpose: the principles and practice of coaching and leadership. 4th edition.

What Happened?: Based upon my assertiveness action plan, I decided to do some reading around the theory of ‘active listening’ and was recommended the Whitmore book Coaching for Performance.

So What?: I found this book very interesting – not just for the active listening but also the general concept of coaching – and in particular coaching for performance. It is a concept that is quite new to me so I am very interested in it.

Now What?: Taking what I have learned from this book, I am going to focus on asking more open questions when talking to colleauges to ensure that they are able to give me fuller answers – not assumptions from me and so I can best support their work. I also need to find further reading on the concepts of both self-coaching and active listening.

When & Where?: At home October 2016


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