Date: 21st October 2016

Number: 39

Significant Experience: Strategic Planning Webinar

What Happened?: I took part in the Knowledge for Healthcare Leadership Programme hour long Webinar on Strategic Planning hosted by Penny Bailey that covered the general concepts and importance of strategic planning

So What?:This was the most ‘management’ focused of the course activites so far. It re-affirmed knowledge I for the most part already had but have not used in my current role. This got me thinking about my ‘paused’ core library skills and how i represent these

Now What?: From this webinar I am going to spend some time reflecting back on my previous role as a Library Service Manager and these skills I developed and my accomplishments in this role. By mapping these I shall be able to better represent my skill set in a traditional library setting which shall help me decide on what my next career step should be.

When & Where?: Office – 11th October 2016