Learning Log 40 – Professional Confidence Webinar

Date: 2nd November 2016

Number: 40

Significant Experience: I viewed a recording of the CILIP webinar (presented by @ellyob) *find link to webinar!*

What Happened?: It was an hour long overview of what professional confidence is (better known as imposter syndrome), the common cuases, stratigies for overcoming/working with it etc.

So What?: I found this really useful as it allied with what I have been working on as part my ‘assertiveness action plan’ and helped re-affirm what I had gained from that learning. It also introduced me to to the idea of potentially informally mentoring professionals ealrier on in the career path – something I have done before – but maybe on softer skills rather than LIBRARY skills. This would expand my support network whilst also building someone elses which would be good.

Now What?: Fro this learning I am going to continue working on my assertive action plan and continue to fine-tune my ‘self-coaching’ skills as I beleive this will be of eqully greater importance as continuing to develop my professional skills in terms of professional development

When & Where?: Home. 5th October 2016


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