Learning Log 43 – Exploring the CILIP Impact Toolkit

Date: 23rd December 2016

Number: 48

Significant Experience: I worked through the CILIP Impact Toolkit

What Happened?: The KfH Leadership Development Programme activity for November was to work through the CILIP Impact toolkit.

So What?: I found this a really useful exercise in different ways. There are lots of new information that I am going to put to use when i have worked through and especially bits that I have acknowledged when working through the PKSB that require development such as advocacy (both internally and externally). The toolkit also gave me opportunity to reflect on what I already know and skills I have already developed that in my current role I do not get opportunity to use. This is something I find myself doing more and more…

Now What?: I am going to try to work through all modules within the impact toolkit but in the first instance I am going to focus on the ‘communicating impact’ aspect and the 3 modules. I will have completed these by the 15th Janruary and this will have me more effectively get my message across to my non-LKS senior managment and show my value to the organisation.

When & Where?: Office, 20th-22nd December


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