Learning Log 46 – Knowledge for Healthcare Leadership Programme: Celebration Event

Date: 19th February 2017

Number: 46

Significant Experience: Nick Poole’s Leadership Journey as part of the wider KfH Leadership programme celebration event

What Happened?: It was the final event of the Knowledge for Healthcare Leadership Programme that was an opportunity to meet up with everyone (perhaps) one last time, practice our elevator pitches and present our projects. As with every other event, there was also a library leader who discussed their career journey to point – this time being CILIP Chief Executive – Nick Poole

So What?: It may be in part Nick’s presentation style, but his journey resonated with me more than the other presenters. It was funny, honest and authentic – reflecting on past successes but showing how failures can be learnt from and can drive you on (something I do not do enough off). It was really very interesting how Nick also highlighted leaders that had developed him and that he had learnt from.

Now What?: From this, I am going to reflect on Nick’s ‘lessons learned’ and devise my own career plan – the basis of this shall be the CILIP PKSB and Fellowship which I will have completed by March 2018. This will not guarantee any future roles, but shall help me gain clearer understanding of where I want to be.

When & Where?: Senate House, London, 14th February 2017


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