Learning Log 48 – Creating ‘Tasks I Finished’ Section in my Bullet Journal

Date: 13th March 2017

Number: 48

Significant Experience: Creating an ongoing list within my Bullet Journal – ‘ Tasks I Finished’

What Happened?: Created a list of tasks I had finished/completed

So What?: Due to the nature of my work, some tasks are quite cyclical (for example a daily blog and a monthly newsletter) and when viewed upon through a negative lens (which I can do when my mood is low) it may seem that I am not achieveing much. To combat this, I decided to create a section in my monthly bullet journal sections dedicated to things that I had finished. This has been helpful because whilst crossing out something in a list is satisfying, I have relasied that writing it down adds a floursih to the finished task and is a good tool to reflect on quick wins and larger projects that our broken down.

Now What?: I shall continue to add items to my ‘tasks I finished’ list as it helps with both my confidence that I am supporting my organisation which improves my effectiveness and wellbeing.

When & Where?: Ongoing, my beautiful bullet journal.


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