Learning Log 50 – CILIP North West Portfolio Building Workshop

Date: 18th March 2017

Number: 50

Significant Experience: I attended the Portfolio Building Workshop led by Dan Livesey.

What Happened?: It was a morning session that aimed to give an introduction and overview of the professional registration process at all levels – Certification, Chartership and Fellowship (which I have signed up to complete this year). It covered PKSB use, and how as a senior professional, I could gain most from it.

So What?: I found this event so, so useful. It was presented in such a way that it broke down any nerves about going for Fellowship, and reinforced belief in the way our #Fellowshipfive are approaching it.

Now What?: I am going to complete my PKSB after the #fellowshipfive meeting in March, which will show me the areas I should be developing, as well as the areas I excel in. I can use this to mould my own professional development in 2017 to ensure I continue to develop so I can more effectively do my work.

When & Where?: MMU, 17th February 2017


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