Learning Log 51- Fellowship Meeting #Fellowshipfive

Date: 29th March

Number: 51

Significant Experience: The first meet up of #fellowshipfive

What Happened?: This was the first real step of my Fellowship journey. Drunken conversations, half promises etc. have been put aside and I have joined a colloborative group to help us all complete Fellowship. Other members are Tracey Pratchett (other half of drunken conversation), Julie Griffths, Jo Alcock, and Sarah Hennessy. The group is being mentored/facilitated by Yvette Jeal. The day was about introductions, the agreed approach – an action learning focus with ‘shut up and write sessions’ where we are up to in the process/timescales, what we can expect from each other, our reasons and drive to fellow, etc. Also loads of running chat!

So What?: This is a really important step. On good days, I believe I am at fellowship level and this approach will help me focus on less good days! I am very excited to be part of this and enable the other members to develop whist developing myself.

Now What?: next meeting – 29th March 2017.

When & Where?: John Ryland Library, Manchester, 1st March 2017


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