Learning Log 52: Fellowship Meeting 2 #Fellowshipfive

Date: 29th March

Number: 51

Significant Experience: The second meet-up of the #Fellowshipfive with the first action learning sets involved and future actions set.

What Happened?:It was the second meet-up of the #fellowship (Jo, Julie, Sarah, Tracey, and I) facilitated by Yvette. Day is standard – reporting back on how we have gotten on with our actions, our ALS pitches and how we are feeling in regards to fellowship progression and life is generally! Then onto Action-Learning Sets (of which participant roles and discussion shall forever remain confidential) which took on quite traditional format and were effective. The morning session was wrapped up with individual led goal setting. In the afternoon was then a ‘shut up and write session’ – which I did not attend.

So What?: The effectiveness of these go beyond the intended fellowship development scope. It roots me in a ‘library world’ that I am away from in my role and as well as bringing a co-operative/competitive edge to the process of fellowship that spurs me on – the ALS help reflect a light back on myself at issues  – even if I am not a presenter – I may face currently or have faced in the past (and how they were resolved), and allow me to feel connected to the ‘library-hive-mind’ that I may on occasion feel distant from professionally. Action Learning has helped me develop as the person within the professional exceptionally over the last twelve months which has allowed me to more honestly reflect on issues I am facing – meaning better solutions and improved emotional health.

Now What?: There are no direct reflections to take from this beyond I am committed to this process and am very lucky to be with such an excellent group. By the next meeting on April 25th I shall have completed my first draft of my CV.

When & Where: 29th March 2017,


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