Learning Log 96 – #Fellowship5 : Home truths and organisational contexts

Date: 29th April 2018

Number: 96

Significant Experience: The 11th Meeting of the #Fellowship5

What Happened?: The 11th meet- up on the #fellowship5 group, although this was more about a quick 1-1 with Yvette – my mentor – prior, and then wider discussion with the group afterwards

So What?: This was important as it was the first time someone – specifically my mentor – had voiced the same concerns around my journey that I had been having (though it was the first time I had shared some work and only came about after getting ambushed in #fellowship5 10 – so my own fault!) and this was focused on Fellowship Criteria 2: “Examined the organisational context of their work and evidenced substantial achievement in professional practice”

I had often had concerns about my ability to display my impact on my organisations, given my non-traditional role, but compounded by that after being side-lined with banality in my previous role I am still relatively new in a very large organisation  and highlighting *my* impact at this stage is challenging. Having Yvette verbalise this came as a relief as it was confirmation over an issue I suspected, but was not quite ready to accept – and was able to discuss it with the wider group later in the session now that ‘truth’ had become solidified.

Now What?: I am taking time to answer 2 questions:

  • Do I want to carry on with Fellowship?
  • If Yes, do I:
    1. Keep with what I have and hand in/hope for the best
    2. Keep developing my portfolio and set a new date when I have better quality evidence

If I do want to carry on, I am going to re-examine my relationship with my mentor, as whilst the Action Learning approach has been very useful in terms my growth and development as a professional, it has allowed me the opportunity to slip Fellowship down the priorities. Given how Fellowship is 100% of ‘me’ thing I perhaps need a more structured/traditional mentor-mentee relationship at least in the first instance.

When & Where?: Manchester, 28th March 2018


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