Date:  5th June 2018

Number: 102

Significant Experience: I was interviewed as a case study for the upcoming book ‘Practical Tips for Library Management’ by (principal?) Author Leo Appleton

What Happened?: Leo contacted me directly having heard my interview on ‘Librarians with Lives’ and wanted to interview me about how I use management techniques in my role, not traditional management but other aspects in my less traditional role.

So What?: It was interesting to get Leo’s perspective on my role, and his prompting (Friday afternoon Michael is not the sharpest knife in the drawer) on how I use management techniques was interesting. I would like to hear how other people have answered! It was really interesting to reflect both on my time as a manager, and what lessons I have learnt (mainly around expectations and standard setting) but also on how I manage other aspects of my role – from relationships to work load and to how I spend my time, and how much of a benefit my recent coaching experience has been for me. I think I probably benefited more than Leo from this conversation! I was also able to extol the virtues of the bullet journal to Leo – though I panicked and described it as a hipster to-do-list…

Now What?: I am going to reflect on what management techniques I use in these softer aspects of my role and see if I can fine tune them to increase my effectiveness.

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