Learning Log 141 – ‘Guest Lecturing’ at MMU Library School

Number: 141

Date: 15th October 2019

Significant Experience: I spoke to students on the new Health Library module at Manchester Metropolitan University Library and Information Management Masters Course.

What Happened: The presentations themselves went fine – it was a new experience speaking to an audience with limited knowledge in both health AND libraries (as normally speaking to a room full of specialists in either), and also working in partnerships – the first presentation about PKSB and development needs with Mary, and then with Amy about working on a national scale was also a novel experience as I tend to present on my own,  or produce part of a wider presentation.

So What: It was a really enjoyable experience – I do enjoy giving back with my mentoring or work with CILIP NW, and to give back to new professionals was a nice change of pace but it was more ‘delivery of information’ than I expected – especially in week 1 when we had more activities planned.

In terms of the partnership working – I was happy being the passive partner (again a change of pace) but I am not sure I am the easiest person to work with – I contribute in bursts and can be quite hard to pin down between these (not through laziness, more through spreading myself to thin and trying to fit 12 hours work into 8!). I imagine this can be quite frustrating for equally busy people, who have a more regimented or prescribed workload.

Now What: I would love to speak to the students again next year if the module is still running. I am going to reflect on how I work with others (and my role within teams generally) and speak to my fellow presenters to get their opinions to ensure that I am being most effective in my approach to this.

When/Where: 2nd/9th October 2019, MMU Library School (room 201b GM Building)

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