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About Me.

This page is very out of date – I shall update it eventually!

Hey – I’m Michael and I am a member of Public Health Intelligence/Library Manager in the NHS. None of these views represent my employers or fellow employees in any way. All views are my own. I am NOT a public librarian.

I have been working in Public Health and Health Libraries for over 8 years. I class myself as a ‘Public Health Informationist’ straddling the lines of Libraries (i.e. Evidence) and Intelligence. The role of libraries within health is (SHOULD) be very different to the traditional role of libraries. Alongside the provision of information, there is the role of ‘supporting professional practice’ to ensure the highest quality of service and practice.

I am involved in several regional working groups and national special interest groups including chairing the LIHNN Quality Group since November 2011. I am on the project management team for ‘Explore Your Life’ (a Wellbeing/Social Prescribing project). I was also part of the lead development team for ‘Bolton’s Health Matters’ and now manage the website. I sit on the JSNA operational steering group within Bolton, NHS Bolton Policy Development Group and NHS Bolton Learning and Development Steering Group. As part of my work I have supported the work of the NHS Bolton Executive Board, NHS Bolton Commissioning ‘Exception Panel’ and professional practice of both clinical and commissioning staff.

My professional interests including the use of Web 2 within the information retrieval, professional information literacy, public sector knowledge management, the role of information professionals within health intelligence settings and innovation within health promotion delivery. I am currently studying  at MMU undertaking a MA in Library and Information Management (September 2012 completion) and hope to be Chartered by July 2012.

As well as Library-stuff I enjoy cricket,  The Simpsons, music, comics, gaming, cooking, bad films, and poor quality running. I got married in November 2011.  We have 3 cats. I normally have toothache.

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Again,  none of these views expressed here or above sites are of anybody or organisation aside from myself.


4 thoughts on “About Me.

  1. Hi Michael, was just going to have a gander at the Bolton PCT Library blog and noticed you’ve got “wp-admin” at the end of the URL – thats your dashboard URL – its not very happy when I click it!

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