Learning Log 66 – Fellowship Meeting 5 #Fellowshipfive

Date: 8/11/17

Number: 66

Significant Experience: The 5th meeting of the Fellowship Group

What Happened?: Normally the whole thing discussion is private but considering I was the presenter in the Action Learning Set I’m allowed to say! The problem was my inability to pick up/continue an ongoing piece of work after I have stopped working on it. The main discussion points were around organisational issues (expected) and professional confidence (*very* unexpected)

So What?: This was really very useful as it brought forward issues about my professional confidence/trust in my abilities that I had not consciously considered before. It also led to my thinking more about the value I place on my time.

Now What?: I am going to produce some ‘golden rules‘ to how I approach non-1 sitting finish work and examine strategies to breaking down these non-small works into more finish-able chunks. By doing this it shall improve my belief in my own work, which shall improve my effectiveness for my organisation both in quality and my honest time spent on projects.

When & Where?: 10th August 2017, Manchester


Learning Log 70 – Fellowship Meeting 6 #Fellowshipfive

Date:  27/10/17

Number: 70

Significant Experience: The 6th meet-up of the fellowship group. The meeting on 15th September was cancelled.

What Happened?:  Although conversation will remain private, this session followed a different path as we were 2 members short (although their height is inconsequential) so led by SH, we had a round-table looking at our progress (me: non), reasons (me: many) and future actions (me: last times + catch up on reflections) – we then morphed into a ‘shut up & write session’. As ever it was a relaxed and welcoming session with plenty of LOL’s and pastries…

So What?: This was perhaps the most important meeting for me since the initial meeting as I had lost my way badly with all things fellowship, and I worry that if this meeting hadn’t happened I may have just gone full ‘fuck it’ mode. It is a good group where we can share and work through worries and issues that directly and in-directly effect our fellowship approach.

Now What?: I am  re-energized in all things #fellowshipfive going to complete my actions from last time – including my ‘golden rules’ to stop me restarting work. To counter-act the lulls that seem to happen during the extended breaks we are going to try an informal ‘this week I did’/next week I shall’ approach on the whats-app group…breaking it down into small chunks 🙂

When & Where?: Joule, Manchester, 24th October 2017

Learning Log 68: Growth and the realisation its OK to be yourself.

This isn’t really about the podcast, more the journey to it…

What Happened: I was interviewed by Jo Wood for the ‘Librarians with Lives’ podcast series. It was my first time being interviewed ‘live’ – having done print interviews and first time on a podcast. The very excellent Jo Alcock put me us in contact. I’m not going to go too much in depth about what was said because

  1. That’ll be covered by Jo W. herself;
  2. I can’t really remember fully – but we did look back at my career in libraries and discussed people who I thought were really important in my career.

So What: So doing this podcast – although only an hour out of my day got me to thinking about how how much I have grown– both professionally and emotionally in last few years.

To do something like two or three years ago would have been unthinkable. The thought of putting myself  – not just myself as a librarian, but myself as the ‘whole’ –  on display in an uncontrolled manner even on this small scale – would have been a  stone-dead no-go. (I still dreaded it, was so very nervous – and had a great urge to back-out. But I didn’t.) Personally, beyond (vapid, cringe-inducing*) opinions on Twitter, I had never been much of a social creature beyond my inner-circle of friends & colleagues, through lack of confidence and shyness. Professionally – I was a bit better, but only due to having important people bringing this out in me.

However, personal growth (interlinking maturing and understanding some wider concepts – such as imposter syndrome, authenticity …thanks again Leadership Programme!), has allowed me to accept myself – personally and professionally. This started from quite a sad place but I feel like I have grown into my own skin.

In the past I felt like I had been trying to portray a better version of me, especially professionally,  – which in truth was just bits of people I admired splodged together, rather than honestly seeing who I was and working with that.

It’s OK to have flaws (mouth being quicker than brain being a recurring one!), be a bit boring – something I talk about in the podcast – not even Ryan Reynolds is perfect!  Doing your best and doing the best are two different things – and that is OK. If you do your best, you can do no more . I truly understood this out training for a half marathon in 2016.

This is not to say I am immune to personal and professional criticism, in fact – probably the opposite. But I am comfortable enough to accept that not everyone will like or respect me. That’s OK. If they don’t, fuck ‘em.

But… the podcast – yeah it was alright 🙂

Now What: Well, the podcast goes live on the 31st October, so hopefully I won’t be ran out of town! There is a chat between Jo & I about running due out early in the new year. In terms of growth, I have mechanisms  in place to ensure I don’t step back to far on down days (mindfulness, running, family time) and I am trying to challenge myself professionally and personally to continue to grow and appreciate life.


Also my Twitter opinions are still vapid, but don’t make me cringe as much reading them back…

Learning Log 60 – Fellowship Meeting 4 #Fellowshipfive 

Date: 24th July 2017

Number: 60

Significant Experience: It was the 4th meeting of the #fellowshipfive . The meeting on 23/5 was cancelled for obvious reasons

What Happened?: This was a different approach to ALS and of the meeting generally but that’s not my story to tell! Though it was interesting conversations for everyone – with a theme of disorganisation being prominent!

So What?: These are really interesting chats with similar issues facing different members of the group is heartening! It feels simailr to when I started my role after exclsuivley being a solo-librarian to have peers to bounce ideas of is great!

Now What?: I am going to try and find a dedicated workspace in the house and I am going to try and do ‘shut up and write sessions’ in the office once a week to increase professional development productivity.

When & Where?: 17th July 2017, Manchester.

Learning Log 61 – Mobilising Evidence & Knowledge Event

Date: 20th June 2017

Number: 61

Significant Experience: I attended the NW Mobilising Evidence and Organisational Knowledge Event

What Happened?: It was a peer led (by Emily, Susan, Gil and Vicki) day through all the different tools available to mobilise knowledge through the Knowledge for Healthcare platform.

So What?: It was a very interesting day (if very clinically focused, much like KfH in general with little relevance to PH work which is locally in a different political environment and nationally isn’t focus of KfH)

Now What?: I shall feedback the positives (and negatives) to my team

When & Where?: 20th June 2017, Manchester

Learning Log 58 – PKSB for New Role

Date: 18th May 2017

May 2017 PKSB Full Report.

Number: 58

Significant Experience: I produced my Professional Skills and Knowledge Base (PKSB) for my new role

What Happened?: After the first week or so in my new role, I realised that the PKSB I had produced in March 2017 was not fit for purpose, and for both my new role and for Fellowship, the most sensible approach would be to re-do my PKSB as this would also provide a baseline for my new management team

So What?: I found this a really useful exercise, as in only 2 months, that had been a significant change in my professional development needs. Reflecting back on my March 2017 version, it included areas that were not relevant to the role, but had been previously and in which I was not confident. This new one is purely about me as a professional in 2017 and is about developing me, not an idolized version (March 2016 version) or what righting past wrongs (March 2017 version). I also feel that I will have more support beyond ‘time’ to develop professionally.

Now What?: I shall use this document to form the basis of my professional development in the upcoming months, to help me become better in my role and more effectively support my end users.

When & Where?: Home, May 2017


Learning Log 57: PKSB for PDR

Date: 112th April 2017

Number: 55

Significant Experience: I produced my second CILIP Professional Knowledge & Skills Base (PKSB) to support my professional development review (PDR) within my host organisation with my line manager

What Happened?:To support my first PDR/appraisal in 3 years, I thought it would be useful to re-do CILIP’s PKSB that I had first done in March 2016 prior to starting the Knowledge for Healthcare Leadership Programme. Unfortunately, the professional development ‘offer’ had been pre-decided on perceived need at a departmental level, so my effort was, for this intention, was wasted.

So What?: Despite the lack of interest in my stated professional aims, I found the process of updating the PKSB to be very useful when framing what I believe to be my professional needs in terms of development. It was also very useful to compare it to March 2016 PKSB in which I had over 80 development needs!

Now What?: Moving forward I shall use the PKSB to identify development opportunities that I believe will benefit me professionally and enable me to provide the best service for my users enabling better decision making within public health commissioning.

When & Where: 12th -18th March 2017,

March 2017 PKSB Full Report.